Tips to get your logo seen

Tips to get your logo seen

Tips to get your logo seen

Your logo is a key part of your identity. It might seem like one of those things that are nice to have, but are unimportant, but your logo is a shorthand for your entire business: it represents the whole company. You need to make sure people see it, first to associate it with your brand, and then to reinforce the positive impression it has on them.

So, how do you make sure that you get your logo seen?

1. Make sure it’s a great logo

Before you even think about where your logo might be seen, make sure that it’s a good logo! It’s worth investing time in making sure that it’s well-designed, and even if your design skills are good, if you aren’t a professional, it’s probably worth the investment of getting a designer to create something special for you.

A logo that might be on every vehicle, letter, or bag your company produces or uses needs to be good. This is not something you can cobble together from clipart! When you are considering logos, think about what you want the logo to say about you, or what a customer who has never heard of your company might think when they see it.

2. Use it consistently, but also carefully

You might be proud of your logo, but that doesn’t mean you should be putting it everywhere. Make sure that you know where it belongs, and importantly, where it doesn’t belong, so that whenever it is used it has impact. This is true of every use, from letters to signs.

Major organisations will have style guides — try searching for ‘style guide’ to find a few — which will illustrate how their logos should be used, for example where they should be placed and positioned, and what they can appear with. And also how they should never be used. You might not need as much detail as a global brand, but it’s worth having a look at some and thinking about the rules that you might apply.

3. Make sure it stands out

There’s no point having a great logo if no-one sees it. Think about all the places you can put it, obvious locations might be on letterheads, bags, uniforms, and vehicles. But don’t forget your signage.

You can use the logo on internal signage to help reinforce your corporate identity (bearing in mind the need to make sure you don’t overuse it), but you can also use it on your external signage. If you are using it on your premises, think about ways you can highlight it. Wall signs can be printed in full colour and large sizes, and banners can be huge. But you can also think of some more imaginative ways, too. Illuminated signs really stand out and if you really wanted, and your logo was suitable, why not consider a 3D-routered Perspex. That will set it apart as something special and really make sure that you get your sign seen, and with it your logo and business.

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