Flat Signage

Flat Signage

Flat Signs - Design, Manufacture & installation

Of the many different types of signs business decide to use, a very common choice is for flat signs. Flat Signs simply refers to a type of sign that doesn’t have a 3D element to it. These are often used as shop fronts, signs on factory fronts, signs on the front of schools or leisure centres, general internal signage, signage within schools and offices, wall graphics, etc.

There are many benefits to sing flat signs such as it can take up less room as it often doesn’t protrude from the wall or post, there are often no sharp edges if the signage is within reach of people, and it’s can be easier to keep clean.

Your local flat sign manufacturer 

Here at Sign Studio we’ve got many years’ experience designing and manufacturing flat signs so we’re your number one choice. We can help you through the whole process of choosing a sign, designing the new sign, manufacturing it in our in-house workshop, and then installing on-site using our in-house team of expert installers.

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