Signage for schools

Signage for schools

Signage for schools

There was a time when the blackboard was the only way to display a message in a school. But time and technology has moved on, and now classrooms are equipped with smart whiteboards. But is your school still using old-fashioned notice boards to try to keep people up to date. And, if you are, how much time do they take to prune, making sure the information that needs to be on them is there, and all the old notices have been removed? It might be time to send your traditional noticeboards the same way as your blackboards and upgrade to digital signage for schools.

Schools are dynamic environments, whether it’s pupils, teachers, staff, visitors, or volunteers, you will have hundreds, if not thousands, of people moving around your school building each day. And trying to make sure that everyone sees the notices they need to see might mean you need noticeboards in each department, as well as communal areas like staff rooms and common rooms.

Digital signage is an easy way to make sure your notices go up when and where they need. And because they are easy to change and update, it keeps them fresh, so you don’t run the risk of them just being ignored as people become numb to a wall of paper notices that don’t seem to change.

Digital signage can go anywhere, but you can control it centrally. If you need to update a notice in a classroom, you don’t need to print something off, take it across the school and disturb a lesson, you can just change the notice from your computer. Meaning that digital signage for schools can save your staff time and your school money.

And the uses are only limited by what you can display on a screen. You might want to set up digital signs in reception that welcome visitors and promote the school. Signs in the staff room, however, might contain important announcements that staff need to know that day. And in classrooms, the signs can do anything from reminders for students to simply displaying the timetable for that day. And, when you want, you can have all the messages displaying the same messages, whether that’s good luck in exams or holiday wishes.

Digital signs are also fully programmable, so you can schedule your notices in advance. You could even set up a full year and then just forget about it. So, from welcoming everyone back in September, all the way through to saying farewell at the end of the year in July, the noticeboards refresh themselves without you having to do anything.

And, perhaps most importantly, digital signs are secure. There are few schools that haven’t, at some point, had a prank notice put up somewhere. But if you are using digital signage for schools, the only people who can put up notices will be those who are authorised. You won’t have to worry about students, or anyone else, putting up messages or content that might be inappropriate.

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