Interior signage

Interior signage

Interior signage

Lockdown has ended and, hopefully, people are coming back to spend money with you. Whether it’s to celebrate freedom, or just to take tentative steps into the re-opened world, how are you going to welcome them? Your exterior signage has got them through your door, but what next? You need to think about your interior signage, how it informs your customers, how it promotes your business, and how it creates ambience.

Informing customers

Perhaps the most important thing interior signage can do is inform your guests. With lockdown closures, there will be many previously regular customers who might not have been inside for over 18 months, and many may be unsure of the rules. And even if they have been in while hospitality was open, the rules might have changed since then.

And, whether they’ve been in or not, given the new onus on individuals and businesses to set their own rules, people might not be sure what to do. Do you want people to wear masks? Are you now table service only? Do you have one-way systems in place? Interior signage can take the guesswork. So instead of trying to work out which way they have to go to the toilet, or whether they’ve got to wait for service, your customers will know exactly what to do and can focus on enjoying their visit.

Promoting your business

Now you are open you might, like many businesses, be thinking about how you can maximise your trade and get as many customers as possible not just to visit, but to come back soon. Much of this might be featured on your external signage, an A-board outside or a window vinyl to highlight promotions. But think about how you can highlight your offers and special deals for customers inside, too.

Wall vinyls, for example, can make a quick, attention-grabbing display that customers won’t miss. Whether it’s a new menu, or a special deal to welcome them back, they can be printed in bright, vivid, high-quality inks and cut to any shape to ensure they fit perfectly. And they have the benefit that you can easily remove and replace them, so repeat customers won’t get tired of seeing the same offers again and again.

Creating an ambience

Finally, think about how your interior signage can be used to create an ambience for your customers. Having spent much of the past eighteen months looking at the same four walls, you might be surprised at how they will appreciate a little effort when they go out.

Again, wall vinyls are ideal for this, but also think about things like floor vinyls to enhance the effect. Or, if you are thinking about something that might be a little more permanent, why not consider a wall-sign or even a bespoke 3D sign to work with your venue’s theme.

Whatever your business, the thoughtful addition of some interior signage can transform not just how it looks, but the experience your customers have, helping them move from it just being the novelty of going out again, to having a great time they’ll want to repeat.

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