Office signs

Office signs

Office signs

Now that coronavirus restrictions have been largely lifted, you will be thinking about people returning to your office. And whether you are returning to work as normal — if you can remember what that is — or keeping some precautions in place, it’s worth having a look at your signage to make sure it best works for you, your staff, and your visitors.

First, have a think about what office signs do. While the main purposes may be to inform or to instruct, they can do so much more with that, they can invite customers in, they can motivate staff, they can promote your brand. It’s worth not just thinking about what you need a sign to do, but what else it might be able to do while fulfilling your primary function.

Practical signage is probably the easiest to handle. If you are retaining some restrictions, such as limiting room capacities, or reminding people to sanitise, then it’s worth making sure you have office signs in the appropriate places and making sure they are eye catching. We have all seen those out-of-date bits of paper that everyone ignores on noticeboards. Think, instead, about having eye-level signs that can’t be missed on the doors.

If you have visitors in your office, or even want to welcome them back, then think about where signs can go. If people haven’t been in for some time, they might not even know what to do, especially if your office does not have a formal reception. But think about signs that don’t just tell people what to do or where to go, but that also welcomes them back. Wall-signs or window vinyl are ideal for catching attention and making sure people know how pleased you are to see them again.

And don’t forget about the staff. It’s easy to think that staff don’t really need office signs, they are familiar with the office, after all. But it’s important to go a bit further than just the mandatory emergency exit signs. Instead, think about signs that will motivate them. While people might roll their eyes and think of the clichéd cat ‘hangin’ in there’, there are far more subtle ways to motivate staff. Using your branding, and perhaps images of the team, can help reinforce a sense of team spirit. And, if nothing else, a thank-you in a staff area can act as a visible reminder to staff (and to you) of how appreciative you are of everything they have done during a tough year.

And, above all, don’t forget to brand your signage! After a difficult year, you need to get your brand in front of as many eyes as possible, and signs are an excellent way to make sure your brand identity is visible and reinforced every time someone sees a sign.

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