Expand your market with LED signs

Expand your market with LED signs

Expand your market with LED signs

We think all signs are great, obviously, because we are biased. We know the right signage can make a huge difference: the secret is making sure you have the right sign in the right location. But we also know, having made signs all over Sheffield, that, sometimes, you need that sign to have a little more pizzazz and wow. That’s where LED signs are ideal.

What is an LED sign?

As the name suggests, an LED sign uses LEDs — Light-Emitting Diodes — to make the sign. LEDs are fairly simply devices that light up when a current passes through them. Most people will be familiar with LEDs, they have been used for years, often as simple power indicators.

LED technology has advanced enormously from the familiar, large single colour indicator light. They have got smaller and far more versatile. Modern LEDs can generate a range of brightness and a full spectrum of colour.

Why use an LED sign?

LED signs demand attention. Think about any time you have been out, and you keep glancing at the TV in the corner, even when you aren’t interested in what’s on. A dynamic LED sign can have the same effect. In fact, research has suggested that it will be noticed by around four times as many people as a traditional sign.

It also works 24 hours a day. Although you can illuminate a traditional sign, an LED sign generates its own light, so your sign will keep going through dusk and into the night. Grabbing attention and spreading your message.

Finally, it’s versatile. We offer a range of signage, from those that will be up for decades, to seasonal window vinyls. But an LED sign can be changed in an instant and have a revolving display, allowing you to be in total control.

How can I use one?

It’s always important to get the right sign in the right place. LED signs, however, are so versatile you use them almost anywhere. And because LEDs are energy-efficient, they are cheap to run, so you don’t need to let costs be a factor in your decision.

Despite this, they work best where they can attract attention, so think about where you can place a sign that has the most people passing. Then think about the message you want to put on there. An LED sign that faces a busy street, featuring a message or image that’s full of impact, is ideal.

Getting an LED sign in Sheffield

LED signs have near-endless possibilities and can easily be integrated with your current band. And then they can be easily changed for a rebrand. Putting an LED sign in place might be a long-term decision, but you can change what the sign features whenever you like.

And because they are so cheap and easy to run, once they are set up, you can leave them to it. An LED sign will work hard for your business, day and night, creating an impact in a way no other sign can.

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