Things you need to consider when buying a sign

Things you need to consider when buying a sign

Things you need to consider when buying a sign

Signage is one of those simple things that can make a big difference. Just think about your local high street: the signs do not just tell you the name of each shop, but everything from what they sell to their values as a business. So, what are the things you need to consider when buying a sign?

1. What do you want the sign to do?

It might seem obvious, but you need to know what you want your sign to do. But this might not be quite as straightforward as you think. There is the obvious function, you might want a sign that advertises your business name, or it could be directional signage for your site, or even a temporary sign to advertise offers or events.

But think about the other things your sign can communicate. Your sign might carry your business branding, for example. Or you might want it to say something specific about your business: do you want to convey a traditional reliability, or do you want people to see you as innovators? By considering the image you want to portray, you can start to think about the type and style of sign you want.

2. Think about compliance and safety

It might seem boring, but you should also consider the legal and safety aspects of your sign. Some of this might be common sense: 3D signs look impressive, but they are not really suitable at head height in a busy corridor!

However, you might also need to consider issues like planning permission or restrictions if your premises are in a conservation area. And even if you are installing them internally, you might need to consider safety aspects, not just of the sign, but also how people might interact with them.

3. Think about where it will be

Finally, you know what you want your sign to do, and you know you can put it up. Now you need to think about what its location means. This will help you think about how you design it to make it stand out and work for you.

Location will be a big factor in deciding size. You won’t want a huge sign that dominates a small reception area, for example, but you might want to go big if it’s for the side of a warehouse that’s set well away from the public highway. And if you are putting a sign outside, you might want to think differently about things like the materials and lighting.

It’s about the impact

Ultimately, it’s all about the impact your sign will have, and making sure the impact is positive! You want people to notice your sign, and the sign to communicate your message. Getting a high quality, well-designed and well-placed sign is an investment. And when you have got the right sign in the right place, the return on that investment can be big.