What to look for when hiring a sign maker

What to look for when hiring a sign maker

What to look for when hiring a sign maker

Your sign can become your public face. Before anyone walks in your door, buys anything, or uses a single service, they will see your signage. And that means you want to have confidence that your signs are well-made by professionals. But a sign is a big purchase, and you can’t really have a trial run, so you need to know what to look for when hiring a sign maker. It comes down to three things: their experience, their expertise, and their equipment.

Choose an experienced sign maker

There’s nothing inherently wrong with new business, everyone has to start somewhere, but always make sure you are dealing with an experienced sign maker. Like so many things, the skill in sign making is that it looks easy, but that skill takes time to develop.

Ideally, you should find a sign maker that has been in the business for years. That way you will know they have the experience needed to know their trade, and you will be able to see signs that have stood the test of time.

Choose a sign maker with all the necessary expertise

Once upon a time, a sign maker didn’t need much more than a ladder, a pot of paint and a steady hand. But those days are long gone. Modern signs have evolved far beyond the painted sign above a shopfront. Sign makers must be skilled designers, understanding the properties, and limits of all the materials they work with, and combine a range of construction skills.

Some of this will come from experience, but you also need to make sure your sign maker is keeping up with the latest trends and technology. Can they install digital signage just as easily as they can a traditional shopfront sign? Or are they still stuck delivering the same type of sign as they always have?

A sign maker with the right equipment

Sign manufacture can be a complex process, and usually needs specialist equipment. More traditional signs are relatively straightforward, they might be a simple print onto a board that needs mounting. But if you want enormous, eye-catching banners, wall-sized vinyls, or stunning 3D signs you’ll need a sign maker who works from a fully equipped studio.

Signs can be remarkably complex, a 3D internally illuminated sign might, on the ground, look more like a jigsaw puzzle. They need precision, high-quality manufacture. If your sign maker doesn’t have the latest technology, they might struggle to make that puzzle fit together when it comes to installation.

Image Sign have it all

Image Sign have over 40 years’ experience in delivering high-quality signs across the country and have hundreds of recommendations from satisfied customers.

Working from a studio with the latest equipment, including 3D routering and wide format digital printing, we can offer everything from a traditional sign with through to the latest in digital displays. So, whatever you need from a sign maker, Image Sign can deliver.