Image Sign Studio – Maximise your Brand

Image Sign Studio – Maximise your Brand

Image Sign Studio – Maximise your Brand

Brand is vital. For many businesses it is their biggest asset. Created and managed well, your brand is not just how people recognise you, but it becomes a shorthand for your service or product — just consider how you think and feel when you see the brands of multinationals. Having a strong brand is just as important for small businesses as it is for big businesses. So, how can you maximise your brand to ensure impact?

Keep it consistent

Making sure you have a good, consistent brand design and application is vital. This is important on different levels, the most obvious is visual consistency. You have to choose your brand and stick with it, then people will have a single brand image they can associate with your business. Whether it’s a text-only brand or with an image or logo, make sure it’s the only one used.

You should also consider the consistency of the brand with your business. Ask yourself what you want people to say about your business, then choose the font, colours, and logos that resonate with that. Each element will carry a meaning, even if people aren’t aware of it; imagine a shocking pink brush-style font on a sign above a beauty salon, then think about what type of salon you have imagined underneath. If you still need convincing, imagine a similar sign above an accountant and what you would think of them!

Make sure it’s visible

When you have a brand, use it. You might get fed up with seeing it everywhere, but your customers will only see it infrequently, so you need to make sure it’s in front of their eyes every chance you get.

This means incorporating the logo whenever you can and making sure it’s visible. If you think about where your brand is used, are there situations it might be obscured or invisible? Will a sign near a road be overgrown by a hedge? And if so, would a post sign keep the brand prominent? And if you have buildings set back from the road, can people see you, or would a large vinyl banner make sure you are unmissable?

The aim is to make sure your brand is recognised and familiar, you need to take every opportunity you can to highlight it.

Attract attention

Finally, think about how to attract attention to your brand. You need to draw people’s eyes to it. Part of this is being consistent in using it and making sure it’s visible, but you should also take opportunities to make it pop out.

An obvious way to do this is to make sure you have an eye-catching sign. A 3D illuminated sign is hard to miss and can incorporate your branding. But also think about other things that can help, putting it on a floor or wall vinyl increases its prominence, or use it in window vinyls to highlight offers and promotions.

How we can help

Image Sign can help you at every stage. We’ve helped hundreds of businesses promote their brand, so we already know all the tricks, get in touch for a free quote and to find out how we can help you to maximise your brand.

For more information of the school signs we offer and how we can help you, give us a call on 0114 261 7617 or email us .