Don’t be a Diva – Get the Perfect Signage!

Don’t be a Diva – Get the Perfect Signage!

Don’t be a Diva – Get the Perfect Signage!

Our most recent signage has been a ‘Guyz’ sign for Funky Divas Salons.  For this we constructed a stainless steel sign which was polished in order for them to gain a mirrored finish.  The Funky Divas requested that their new sign was a 3D illuminated sign so we used fairground lights so that our little Divas got everything they required.  We hung their brand new sign for them in their salon window via the use of steel rods, suspending their sign making it visible and accessible to anyone walking past the shop, both during the day and at night – either way, it’s certainly eye catching.

About Funky Divas Salons

Funky Divas Salons incorporates four salons within the Sheffield area, including the City Centre, Crystal Peaks, Manor Top and Hillsborough.  They have many staff experienced in hair and beauty, with stylist and therapists thoroughly qualified in both to the highest of levels.  Funky Divas Salon pride themselves on being one of Sheffield’s most friendly salons, their aim every time to make you comfortable, relaxed and for you to release your inner Diva for any special occasion.

About 3D Illuminated Signage

In order to give your sign depth to make it even more eye catching to returning and new potential customers, we would recommend 3D signs.  We manufacture letters specifically for you out of Stainless Steel, Aluminium and Perspex – the material here is your choice.  Funky Divas Salons chose Stainless Steel so that they could have the mirror finish they were after.  3D lettering is eye catching but if you really want to stand out from the crowd then what you really need is for your 3D lettering to be illuminated, too.  3D illuminated lettering really do make everyone who sees it say ‘WOW!’  We use LED bulbs which last for a minimum of 50,000 hours – this we guarantee.  They are cheap to run whilst being the highest of quality in the signage world.  If you wish to make a lasting impression then this is the type of signage you need for your commercial property.

Contact Image Sign Studio

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