What type of sign do I want?

What type of sign do I want?

What type of sign do I want?

As Sheffield and Rotherham’s leading sign manufacturer we know the choice of signs on offer can sometimes be bewildering.

The best thing you can do it talk to the experts. Collectively we have decades of experience in providing signage nationwide and can help you achieve exactly what you want from your signage. To help you start thinking about your requirements here’s a quick run-down of some factors you need to consider.

Where will the sign be?

This might seem like an obvious question, but it’s worth thinking about carefully. You might think an external wall is an obvious, and perhaps the only, location for your sign, but you should consider the other options. External walls often have limited visibility (you can’t see around corners) and actually a post-sign might be better.

You should also think about what the site is like year round. On a busy, well-lit, street an illuminated sign may not be necessary, but if you are set back from the road and need to attract early evening winter trade you might want to consider illumination.

How will the sign be used?

Again, this might seem obvious, it’s a sign. But signs can serve many purposes. It might just be a name above a door, or it might be a large panel detailing a school or business’s vision and values. Both will demand different types of sign.

You might not even want a permanent sign, but instead something you can easily remove and replace or something that’s portable so you can use it at trade fairs or as part of a pop-up shop, so rather than traditional signage you might want to consider window displays or banners.

Finally, you also need to consider who will be looking at it. Internal signage to help people find their way around might not need to be as eye-catching as a big and bold external sign, and a 3D sign might not be safe in a busy corridor where people can knock into it.

What impression do I want to create?

Most importantly you need to think about the impression you want to create. This is especially true for external signs which will be the first impression for many people, but it holds true for any other sign as well. You don’t want your organisation or business let down by signs that are down-at-heel or badly designed.

It’s important to consider signs not just in isolation, but as a package, so all your signs are consistent in design and the message they convey.

Your choice

You might already have a clear idea of what you want from your signage. Or you might be as confused as ever. Either way, contact us and we can help you. We offer a free quote, design and survey service, so we understand your requirements and can make suggestions and offer advice to help you choose the type of sign that works for you. We have installed thousands of signs over the years, so whatever your needs we are confident we can help you meet them.

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