What are Sheffield’s most popular types of sign?

What are Sheffield’s most popular types of sign?

What are Sheffield’s most popular types of sign?

At Image Sign Studio we can make any type of sign, but what are Sheffield and Yorkshire’s most popular? Are you ready, sign-pickers? Here’s our top five countdown…

5. Window graphics

A frequent feature of shop windows, these graphics are versatile and cost-effective. While many window graphics will stay in place for years they are easy to remove and replace, making them idea whether your window needs to reflect the passing seasons or you simply want to highlight a current promotion. They aren’t just for shops, either, but make attractive signs for offices and can also be frosted or made with one-way vision to provide privacy.

Moving up to number four…

4. Flat signs

An ever-present in the signage charts, flat signs may be a staple but that doesn’t make them boring. Useful when you have a wall or other surface that needs that something extra the flat sign can do anything, whether it’s your main sign outside, providing directions, room signs inside or serving as a display for your values. And being flat means it doesn’t take up space and doesn’t have edges that people can catch and snag in high traffic areas like corridors.

And straight in at number three…

3. Banners

You see banners everywhere and that’s because there’s nothing they can’t do. Our banners are made to high-specification and use UV-resistant materials so they can withstand the elements. But banners aren’t just for the outside. Their flexibility, durability and light weight mean you can pack them up and take them with you to shows and fairs.

Holding steady in second…

2. Post-stands

Eye-catching and durable. Post-stands can attract attention from passers-by and serve as a gateway to your site. Being free-standing works to their advantage because it means there’s usually nothing else nearby to distract from the sign itself. And if you really want them to stand out why not illuminate it?

And at number one, it can only be…

1. 3D signs

Simple but incredibly effective, the 3D sign raises the lettering and the logo and, with it, your image. The signs are designed to be hard-wearing, made from durable materials like stainless steel or perspex and you can make them even more striking by combining them with illumination or a flat sign. Or even both.

All right? Not ‘arf.

What’s right for you?

Of course, just because one type of sign is right for other people it does not mean it’s right for you. Choosing your ideal sign will depend on where you want to use it, what image you are you looking to create and what you want it to achieve with visitors and others. We have been making and installing signs in Sheffield and nationwide for years, so can offer you all the guidance and advice you need, along with a free quote and design service, to ensure you make the choice that’s right for you.

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