Things to Consider When Getting an LED Sign for Your Business…

Things to Consider When Getting an LED Sign for Your Business…

Things to Consider When Getting an LED Sign for Your Business…

Considering getting an LED sign for your business? Before finding the best sign company to hire for this job, it’s best to learn more information about LED signs and the things to consider in purchasing one to make sure that you’ll get your money’s worth.

More About LED Signs

What is LED anyway? LED or light emitting diode is a tiny light bulb that produces light. This is different from the usual incandescent lights because it does not produce heat. The latter on the other hand emits heat and light, which can consume more energy. So when you use signs made from LED, not only are they bright and eye catching but they will also save you cash in the long run. They also last longer so you don’t have to keep changing them. 

Let’s get to know some of the terms you will encounter when having LED signage created in Sheffield. First is the pixel, which is what you call a group of LEDs. Pitch on the other hand refers to the distance between the LEDs. The smaller the distance between the LEDs, the higher the resolution of the sign would be. We also have the matrix, which is the number of vertical and horizontal pixels that you can use in a particular sign. This actually tells you the size of the sign.

LED Signs Size and Color

The size of your sign would usually depends on the traffic in your area. If speed of traffic is fast and you need the sign to be visible from afar, a bigger sign is appropriate. If the traffic speed is slow and the distance is not too far, a smaller one would do. You may also choose between a color and monochrome LED sign. Color LED signs are more expensive than monochrome LED signs. If your sign only contains text, then monochrome would do. But if an image is included, then it is best to go with a color LED sign. 

Illuminated Signs – The Cost

Another important factor to consider is the cost. You want to make sure that the price of the sign would fall under your budget. A lot of people think that the size of the box that houses the LEDs determines the sign cost. The truth is that it’s the number of LEDs used that determine the price. So the more LEDs used, the brighter the sign; but it also means that the price is higher. A reliable signage provider can help determine the sign that would work best for your business.