The Psychology of Colour in Retail Shop Signs Sheffield

The Psychology of Colour in Retail Shop Signs Sheffield

The Psychology of Colour in Retail Shop Signs Sheffield

As expert sign makers in Sheffield, Image Sign Studio were intrigued by a recent article we read about the psychology of colour in retail. Of course, there are several factors that influence how customers buy and what they buy. But a large amount is decided by visual cues, and the strongest and most persuasive of these is colour.

Why Does the Colour of your Shop Sign Sheffield Matter?

The colour scheme you choose to decorate your shop with, the colour of your shop sign Sheffield, and even the colour palette for your website and logo have the power to severely impact your sales and heavily influence whether customers are enticed to buy from you business or not.

Businesses all over world use the psychology of colour to their advantage. And by having a solid understanding of how customers are swayed in their purchase decisions by colour, you can be one step ahead of your competitors.

For example, black is often used to market luxury products, creating a powerful and sleek impression that screams quality. Yellow is often used to grab the attention of window shoppers, and creates an optimistic and youthful atmosphere. And blue, for example, creates the sensation of trust and security, meaning that it is often seen in the branding for banks and businesses.

Why Is All Sale Signage Red?

The colour red is commonly used for sale and clearance signs. Red is proven to increase the heart rate, create urgency and entice energy. According to a study published in the journal Emotion, Professor Andrew Elliot found that people react faster and more forcefully to the colour red.

The main reason behind this remarkable phenomenon is that the colour red enhances physical reactions as it is programmed into your brains to be the cue for danger. By using red, retailers take advantage of this information to grab the attention of potential customers and cue them to take action and buy from them.

How Do You Pick the Colours for Your Retail Shop Sign Sheffield?

So it’s evident that the choice of colours for you branding, website, logo, and signage Sheffield can have a powerful impact on the reaction of customers to your business. Not only can it influence the way that customers feel about your business or retail shop, it can even drive sales.

At Image Sign Studio, we have the skills and experience to design and manufacture a wide variety of shop signs Sheffield to ensure that your business gets noticed, whatever colour you decide on for your branding! Call us today on 0114 261 7617 to get in touch and chat to a member of our friendly team.