Providing excellence in signs for schools since 2007

Providing excellence in signs for schools since 2007

Providing excellence in signs for schools since 2007

Has your school signage started looking a bit old, tired, and worn-out? Do you need a high-quality, durable replacement at a reasonable price? We can help! Here at Image Sign Studio, over the last 12 years, we have become a nation-wide industry leader in providing signs for schools.  We endeavour to accommodate every requirement with either fully bespoke signage or with a great range of off-the-shelf products, all created using the highest-quality, long-lasting materials and at an amazing price.

When looking for a school sign company to supply your sign, remember to take into account the quality of the workmanship, the level of services, and the after-sales support.  Here at Image Sign Studio, we take pride in everything we do including the using the best materials, and excellent ongoing customer support to make sure you get the best school signs and the best customer experience.

Why choose Image Sign studio to make your new school signs?

We provide value for money:

In today’s economic climate, everyone wants to get the best value for their money. When considering buying a new sign, customers should look for long-term solutions. Cheap signs may rust, fade or age badly within a short time of installation.  Here at image Sign Studio we only use us the best-quality materials to provide long-lasting signs for schools at a great price meaning your new signage will look great for many, many years to come. 

Make a great first impressions:

First impressions are very important. Often, your school signage is one of the first things people see about your school. If it’s looking old and tired, it may also reflect badly on you and your reputation. You work hard day-in-day-out to provide the best education for your students, so your school signage should reflect this too. Our professionally designed, high-end school signs help make your school look great reflecting the other aspects of your school.

Help visitors find their way around easily:

One of the main uses of signs for schools is to help visitors find their way around. They direct drivers to the right place, and help people find their way around. Therefore they should be clear and easily readable. We all know how frustrating it is when signs are not clearly visible or even not there at all! Help your visitors find their way around easily and avoid confusion. 

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