Portraying the right Image with your business signage

Portraying the right Image with your business signage

Portraying the right Image with your business signage

We at Image Sign Studio were having a discussion (whilst eating our lunch) as to whether poor signage would put you off dealing with a certain business… Now from my point of view, if I was looking around Sheffield for somewhere to eat, for example, I would probably not even consider eating in a restaurant who’s sign was dirty, wonky, flickering or old, I personally think this reflects the business as a whole and would therefore bypass it, but hey, this is just my opinion!

My colleague also brought up in the conversation, that a run down shop front would put her off from dealing with a business, you know, dirty and old… I sometimes cannot understand why a business would just plod along with dated signage, after all, isn’t this the first thing a potential client would see when visiting your business and don’t they say, first impressions last?

We find, when surveying a job that the signage is left right until the end, the final part in the jigsaw, but we also find that our client may not have budgeted correctly for the signage or maybe overspent on other things. Now, I do understand that when setting up in business, nothing really goes according to plan, but shouldn’t the correct sign be one of the things discussed right at the start of business plan, do you think this should be just as important as a website, for example?

My thoughts are that anything that brings you work in, should be the things that are prioritised, wouldn’t you agree?

Would you agree that a great looking sign with an eye catching design would make your business stand out, make you look professional, make you look like a company worth dealing with?

These are just my personal thoughts, but if you would like to have your say, then please feel free to do so on our Facebook page.

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