Image Sign Studio – Sign ideas for small business

Image Sign Studio – Sign ideas for small business

Image Sign Studio – Sign ideas for small business

Running a small business is incredibly rewarding, being in close control of your work can provide a huge sense of reward and accomplishment. But it’s also challenging. When it seems that big name, multi-national brands dominate it can be hard to stand out. One of the easiest ways to attract attention is with signs, and here are some great sign ideas for small businesses.

A well-designed sign, once in place, will work for you around-the-clock, letting people know you are there or advertising your services. And modern signage isn’t just limited to a name above a shopfront. They can go anywhere and do almost anything. You just need to think about where you want your sign and what you want it to do. Image Sign can do the rest.

Get your signs everywhere

If your business is mobile, or has vehicles, then you have a platform for mobile signs. Think about your vehicle livery, or whether there’s potential for a pop-up sign at places you are working. For example, if you are providing a service inside someone’s house, it might well be that their neighbours need to use that service too. But, unless you have something to tell people you are there, they will never know whom to call.

Draw attention to yourself

Some businesses might be a little out of the way. If you are tucked away on a business estate, or your premises are off a main road, you might want to look at ways to highlight you are there. Solutions might include something like a monument or post sign, these can stand alone, away from your premises at an entrance, for example, so people can’t miss you.

Alternatively, if you are way from the public highway, but have suitable premises you might want to consider a large banner sign or illuminated sign to highlight you are there. And even if you are on a busy road with lots of footfall, there’s always the option of an A-board to capture people’s eyes and stop them walking straight past you.

Let people know what you offer

It’s also useful to have signs that can convert attention into action. If you have a shopfront you might want to use that window space, not just for a display behind it, but also the window itself, which you can use for vinyls to project an image, highlight offers, or just invite people inside. You can also use signs inside, on the wall or floor to guide people round, highlight products or displays or just extend your business’s personality.

Getting the signs you need

The key is, simply, thinking about what you want and need people to do. Whether it’s just to be aware that your business is there, or, once they are inside to convert their interest and curiosity from browsing to sales. Once you know what you want, it’s just a matter of choosing the right type of sign and getting the right design, and that’s where Image Sign can help.