Get your business noticed with an LED business sign

Get your business noticed with an LED business sign

Get your business noticed with an LED business sign

Choosing a shop sign for your business is not always straight forward, for example, are you projecting the right image? Does it match your brand guidelines? You may also be considering a light-up sign or LED business sign. This type of sign is either lit from inside or backlit and uses energy-efficient LED lights to illuminate. This technology has come down in price recently meaning it’s now a very affordable option for businesses

In the not too distant past, many other sign manufacturers would simply use an old-fashoined tungsten bulb behind a sign to illuminate it, however, as we all know, these can get very hot, don’t usually last very long, and are not particularly energy efficient.

Cost effective LED Business Signs

If you’ve got a new business or you’re giving your shop a makeover and considering which signage to use, an LED sign is energy efficient and will allow people passing to see your open and find you more easily. Illuminated LED signs also make it much easier to see your business from passing vehicles or from long distances at night. A backlit sign helps draw attention so helping your business stand out from the crowd.

There are several types of illuminated sign; the most popular of which is a light-box where translucent material is illuminated from the inside providing a ‘glowing’ effect to your logo and lettering. These signs are also very cost-effective and we make everything to order in our own workshop guaranteeing hand-made quality.

Many types of bespoke LED signs available – all handmade in our workshop

Another popular option is built-up lettering and logos with internal lighting giving your signage stand out on a dark background by illuminating them from the rear.

Here are some other available options in terms of LED business signs:

  • Illuminated built-up letters
  • Light box signs
  • LED signs
  • Face-lit signs
  • LED lit 3D signs
  • Internally LED lit lettering and logos
  • Back-lit signs

All available in many different colours

Here at image Sign Studio we also offer a very wide range of lighting options that can be used to illuminate standard business signs of shop front signs

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