Choosing a Sign Which Will Attract Customers to Your Shop

Choosing a Sign Which Will Attract Customers to Your Shop

Choosing a Sign Which Will Attract Customers to Your Shop

If you’re recently started your own business or you’re looking to give your shop a makeover, one of the most important things is the design of the exterior. People passing by will be attracted to your shop if the appearance of the exterior appeals to them, so it’s worth putting some thought, effort and money into the things you display outside your shop.

The Colours

The colours you use for the sign will play a big part in attracting customers. First of all, the colours must match your shop and the products you are selling. A toy shop or fancy dress store can have a sign which is a lot more colourful and bright, whereas a shop selling household appliances might look a bit silly if there are too many colours. Bright colours such as red, yellow and light blue are eye-catching, and will cause passersby to look at your shop.

The Text

While it’s good to have colours which will stand out and attract customers to the shop, you must make sure that too many colours don’t drown out the text on the sign. Shop signs are meant to tell the people looking what is being sold inside, and so the text should be in a colour which stands out from any other colours on the sign. It is also important to choose a good font for your shop sign, and this can reflect the type of business you are running too.

The Name

This is something which will probably only apply to newly opened shops, unless you’re planning to change the name of your shop along with the sign. The name of your business is very important, and some people consider it the most important thing. Your name should be creative enough to make people want to visit your shop, yet it must be a name which tells customers what the shop is about. It’s good to be creative and quirky when naming your business, but make sure it’s a sensible name that won’t leave people clueless as to what is actually being sold.

Getting Things Right

Make sure that whatever shop front sign design you go for, you double check it for errors. The last thing you want is a shop front sign with a spelling mistake or the wrong phone number hanging outside of your store.