Brushed Aluminium CNC Routered Commercial Signage for Sheffield Business

Brushed Aluminium CNC Routered Commercial Signage for Sheffield Business

Brushed Aluminium CNC Routered Commercial Signage for Sheffield Business

As professional sign makers in SheffieldImage Sign Studio has in house access to state of the art technology in the form of a CNC routering machineCNC routered signage typically has a very professional, accurate finish to it. This is down to the use of computer software, which controls the mechanical movement of the machine down to the very last millimetre.

This particular sign was designed and manufactured for a Sheffield based branding agency called Tonik. The company wished to reflect their creativity and design skills in their commercial signage, and we believe that using the CNC routering machine to manufacture the sign has truly achieved this.

Gold Brushed Aluminium Business Signage Sheffield

The sign was made from aluminium which had been gold brushed to create a modern, matt effect. We have made plenty of signs for a variety of Sheffield businesses but we are especially keen on the look and finish of this sign. The italic letters of the word Tonik are really accentuated by the brushed gold colour of the metal, making it look slick and incredibly stylish!

After manufacture, the sign was mounted on to a brick wall using studs, which created a slight raise from the surface of the wall. The aluminium looks particularly effective against the rustic texture and colour of the brickwork, and the hidden studs on which it is mounted are very effective in making the sign appear to almost float slightly off the wall.

CNC Routered Signage from Professional Sign Makers in Sheffield

As you can see from the example of businesses signage above, CNC routering is a great option if you are aiming for a professional finish to your sign. Based in Sheffield, our CNC machine can cut through a variety of materials including aluminiumaluminium dibondplexiglassfoamexcorrexPerspexplastics and wood. We are specialists in CNC modelling and production, and we are able to manage your project from start to finish, providing you with expert advice and useful suggestions along the way.

If you would like to find out more about Image Sign Studio, custom sign makers in Sheffield, take a look at the gallery page of the website, which includes several examples of shop signs in Sheffieldilluminated signs in Sheffield and CNC routered signs in Sheffield. Call us on 0114 261 7617 to get in touch and chat to a member of our friendly team.